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Data Visualization In Urban Planning

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Some cool tools that visually tell a story

I’ve stumbled across a couple of tools this year that reinforce the power of visual storytelling, and help make the case for better cities.

Build Your Streetscape

“It doesn’t have to be pedestrian only street to be a people street.” — David Sim

In the United States, we think of streets as the domain of the car. A lesson we’re taught as kids is, “don’t play in the street.” But we played in them anyway.

As adults, we celebrate in the streets. We mourn in the streets. We protest in the streets. How might we develop complete streets, not just for those certain occasions?

It’s more than just walking and Streetmix lets you play and experiment with all the possible combinations.

Do You Live In A 15-Minute Neighborhood?

“…All residents live within a short walk of a good school, rapid transit, a place to buy fresh food, and a park.” — Shaun Donovan

Part of what makes cities successful is their density. With density, you could (read: should) have everything within walking distance. That density can lend itself to affordability by reducing transportation costs. Which then results in a reduction in carbon emissions.

Check out this map to learn if you’re in a 15-minute neighborhood.

Where do people like to walk?

It’s not as simple as traveling from point A to point B. As humans, we make decisions to take different routes while walking.

Why do we choose to take long walks? Safety? Visit shops and other amenities? Access green space?

Check out the data collected from more than 120,000 pedestrian trips in Boston to learn more.

A picture says a thousand words. When you can customize that picture it’s probably worth a million words, right?

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