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7 Principles For Remaking Our Cities Livability

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

A summary of the future of transportation in urban life from ITDP

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

I stumbled across this pdf called, “Our Cities Ourselves — The Future Of Transportation In Urban Life.” It’s a 23-page document. There’s a couple of gems here. Specifically their 8 principles for how we can remake our cities livability.

Develop Neighborhoods That Promote Walking

Shorten street crossings

Crossing five-lane highways are daunting. We’ve all done it, and we feel out of place. When considering neighborhoods that promote walking 20’s plenty.

Emphasize pedestrian safety and convenience

Who are we building for? Humans or cars? Every journey starts and ends on foot. Prioritize those points of the journey and more people will start walking.

Encourage ground level activity and places to relax

Walking doesn’t have to be the “up-hill both ways in the snow” vibe. It’s more fun when you walk with others. The family enjoying a picnic, a couple chatting on a bench, the kids playing football. Walking can social as much as it is functional.

Prioritize Cycle Networks

Design streets that emphasize cycle safety and convenience

Engineer’s canned response, “If there were people biking we’d build bike lanes and trails.” Maybe no one is biking because there’s no opportunity to do it? If you can incorporate safe biking and convenience we can make more livable cities.

Provide secure parking for public and private cycles

If someone does happen to bike from point A to point B, they need a place to park. Reduce the time, energy, and space storing cars. Figure out how to store some bikes.

Create Dense Networks Of Streets And Paths

Create dense public street and path networks that are highly permeable to pedestrians, bicycles…

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