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After 60 years of almost exclusively building a drivable suburban way of life, Americans are now demanding the other alternative; walkable communities. Currently, 49% of Americans are living in multigenerational households because of this growing demand for walkable communities.,  Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Decennial Census and American Community Surveys.



In a walkable community, essential amenities, services, and destinations are easily accessible on foot, making it convenient and safe for residents to walk to their daily needs.

Walking is free and there really is no age requirement. You don't need a license, insurance, or wait for a ride. You just go. You'll notice something you haven't noticed before and you'll probably say, "Hi" to someone

you weren't expecting to see. Communities that have unlocked walkability have created a place with less noise and air pollution, and a place others want to visit - they've created a place that's designed with humans in mind. 

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Patterns of Development is a knowledge project that has resulted in understanding why communities are built a certain way, why middle housing is missing, and how we might apply patterns from the past to build communities we want in the future. Join me on this journey.



This week on Patterns of Development: CitiesTolis on the scene Builder sentiment is...

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It’s in vogue to discuss if and when the city will die. This isn’t just a “today” thing...

If we study technology and cities we can find the answer

What Will Make Our Cities Obsolete?

So, here we go! 40 one-sentence tips to help you understand urban planning, the architecture of our cities...

Fuel your city form knowledge and passion with these 40 sentences

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Nicknamed, “The Four”, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple have all made pledges between $1 and $2.5 billion over the last couple of years to help address the affordable housing crisis in their communities


What Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are doing about affordable housing in their communities 

A "Four"-dable Housing
Real Estate For Regular People

How incremental development can break the cycle of big development

In small developer circles, there’s a joke that’s told. It goes something like...

How the golden rectangle appeals to the human eye and creates public space we love

What Is The Secret Weapon Of Charming Neighborhoods?

When humans start living on the final frontier, it’s not difficult to imagine how living together will be essential...

We should take a lesson from outer space and apply it to our cities

Density Will Never Die 

Patterns are emerging in every community. What are those patterns and what can be done?

  • Develop a small project in your community 

  • Advocate for changes you want at local planning meetings 

  • Have informed conversations with your neighbors about your built community


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